Entity Components

We'll begin with a comprehensive look over every entity component first, as these are the ones you'll be using most often, so it's good to get a strong understanding sooner rather than later!

There are 22 total entity components:

  1. Counter

  2. Health

  3. Cinema

  4. Sphere Collider

Tips before getting started

  • Components where you can input values can either be changed by typing directly into the value boxes and pressing Enter or by clicking through the up and down arrows that appear when you hover over them.

  • By default, clicking the arrows will lower or raise a value by 1. When typing, you can input values as low as 0.01 for maximum precision.

    • Some component settings only accept as low as 0.1, so just play around until you know which does what :)

  • Some components can be tested at any time during create mode by pressing the play button on the top right of the object's component menu ▶️

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