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How to get started using Mutate

Welcome! 👋

We’re going to guide you through the first steps of using Mutate — all the basics of signing up, creating your first game, and sharing it to build with as many friends as you want.

Let’s get moving!

First off, you need access to a valid key. You can join our Discord to get exclusive early access, or get an invitation from a friend already using Mutate.
  • Click the link you’ve received — seems obvious.
  • The link will take you to a page with your unique invite code, which you need to copy down. Here you can also download and install Mutate, which you should probably do if you want to start playing!
  • Launch Mutate as you would any other game. In the launcher, you can either sign in or register as a new user — which is you! To register, just enter your email address, pick a username and password, and fill in your invite code (you haven’t forgotten it, right?)
  • Once your account is set up, there might be a new update out that needs installing before you can get down to the good stuff! If that’s the case, you’ll see an icon like a cardboard box in the top left corner. All you have to do is click and confirm to install the update.
Updates usually take only a minute or so to install, so it’s easy as pie!
  • To get started with creation, you need to join a community. For newcomers, we recommend joining the main Mutate one — a hub with all the team who can help you out to build whatever cool stuff you want.
  • On the left sidebar, go to the Create tab and select “Create Game” to create a new game. This practically writes itself!
  • Now you can choose to start with an awesome template, provided by the team and other community members, or an empty world that’s entirely your own to design 🎨
  • Now, if you want to collaborate with a friend, you can click the share icon at the top of your game’s info page. This will copy a link that you can send to a friend or in Discord. If they open the link, they can come join you at any time.

That’s it — you’re ready to make things happen! 🎉

Now, let's crack on with some real tutorials, shall we?