The most basic of player-activated Movers.

Any object with a yo-yo mover can be an elevator. The only draw-back is you have to wait for it to come and pick you up - which is annoyingly just like a real elevator, but not what you want in a game that might have a timer on it, or you're being chased down in a shooter and you need somewhere to hide...

There are two common ways of activating an elevator-style mover; contact and interaction. To create either one requires just a little bit of linking, but that's nothing we can't handle.

Make sure for any player-activated mover to set 'Yo-yo' to 'No' in component settings. That way, you have lots more control over exactly how your sequences will act!

To create a simple contact elevator, your entity needs the Collider component. This is a component to track whether or not the player is physically touching an entity.

The only Collider settings we need to make sure are selected are Trigger Settings "Enabled > Yes" and Detect "Players > Yes." This will mean the Collider is automatically enabled, and will only be activated when players collide with it.

Now go to Linking Mode, and create a self-link from the elevator object with the sequence:

  • Started colliding > Move forward

Now, when the object detects the player is standing on it, it will move!

Note that 'Move' and 'Move Forward/Backward' act in different ways.

Move Forward makes the entity move toward the end position, as dictated by the component settings, whereas Move Backward makes the entity move toward the start position.

Move can act in both ways, more like a toggler for the direction, so is a little more unpredictable. When making something as simple as an elevator, we recommend only starting with Move Forward & Backward in your links.

But now how do we get down? Let's make an interactable elevator!

Simply place an object within reach of the elevator - we chose a talking cat, because it just seemed the right thing to do - and give it the Interact component. Play around with the display text, to make it fit with what you want the command to be.

Next, create a link from the new interaction object to the elevator object with the sequence:

  • Interacted > Move backward or

  • Interacted > Move

    • Because this object is only accessible to players who have already reached the elevator's end position, selecting either of these will work perfectly well!

And now you know two ways to make an elevator, which hopefully should inspire you to think of new ways to use these easy links to make different kinds of creation!

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