💡Light Source

is an Entity Component

Light sources breathe life and light into your levels. Particularly useful for creating ambience and cool visual effects in all kinds of ways.

Adding a light source to a component will create a glow from its centre-point, which may require playing around with its position to angle it exactly where you want for the full effect.

  • Enabled - is the light on or off?

    • Can be toggled using linking to create immersive lighting; when you leave a room, the light turns off; when you interact with a light-switch, the light turns on

  • Glare - a tiny white dot to show the exact centre of the light, much like the white part of a flame

    • "Yes" will show the white dot

    • "No" will hide it, but will not affect the light source in any other way. This is the recommended setting if the light source is angled more than a certain distance away from the object itself, so there's no weird floating dots hanging about

  • Cast shadow - does the light cast a shadow, or is everything in its range given a matte glow?

  • Self shadow - does the object itself have shadows according to its shape, or just the objects nearby?

  • Intensity - dictates the size and brightness of the glow

    • Greater intensity will have a larger range of light

    • Lower intensity will have a more intimate light, perfect for candles and small details

  • Hue - dictates the colour of the light, great for creating stylised effects like toxic waste, magic energy, or space-age machinery

  • Saturation - dictates the intensity of the hue, from pure white to pure colour

  • Position - dictates where the light shines in relation to the object itself

  • Flickering enabled - does the light flicker or not?

    • Flickering is ideal for firelight or creepy dystopian effects

  • Flicker intensity - how big/noticeable are the flickers?

  • Flicker frequency - how often does the light flicker?

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