๐Ÿ“ฆEntity Components

Entity components are special abilities for objects in the worldspace.

Make a car move, make a tree invisible, make a button interactable. Any object can have any number of components, and any number of links, to make builds as simple or as advanced as you wish.

Entity Components are our typical "normal" components, usually referred to as simply "components."

To create a link between any object or entity, it must first have a component added. To add a component, simply select the desired object and you will see its voxels become highlighted in a different colour.

You'll also see a little menu has appeared in the top right of the screen, just below 'Play.' Click the + next to 'Components' and a drop-down of all the Entity Components will appear.

Find whatever component you want to add, and press the + beside it to assign it to the object. Now you can access and change whatever settings for your component(s) any time you click on that object from the menu that appears.

Some components donโ€™t need links at all to make them work the way you want, but others do in order to get that little bit more control and detail. E.g.: making an object a Light Source can be a plug-and-go situation, whereas a Trigger Zone needs a link to have something actually... trigger. If you combine the two, why not make a Trigger Zone that turns off the Light Source when the player enters the zone? Perfect for a spooky level, if you were making one!

Individual tutorials on each Entity Component in detail coming soon!

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