🚧Collision Toggler

is an Entity Component

Collision Toggler is a super useful component for creating decoration and ambience, as well as all sorts of puzzles and traps. It dictates whether or not an object is solid (or has collision) or you can walk through it without being obstruction (has no collision).

It is most often used with Hider, as objects that have been made 'invisible' or 'hidden' in the game will still have collision. The toggler is used whenever you want an object to really seem like it has vanished - otherwise players will be obstructed by something they can't see, and it won't feel as fluid to play.

  • Obstruct players - dictates whether or not the object has collision barriers

    • "Yes" means it is solid, and the player will be obstructed by it

    • "No" means a player can just run through it

  • Detectable by triggers - disables or enables the object to be detectable by other colliders/trigger zones etc.

Common uses

  • Totally disappearing 'hidden' objects

  • Baiting traps - making floors that seem safe, but aren't, plunging players to their deaths!

  • Secret doors - a wall you can walk through, even if it looks solid

  • Decoration - grass and bushes you can run through, instead of having to walk on top of or get stuck by

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