⚠️Trigger Zone

is an Entity Component

Trigger Zones act very similarly to Colliders, in that they track whether something has made contact with them. However, Colliders are generally more precise: while a player or entity has to physically touch the Collider object itself, a Trigger Zone has a much larger surface area that it can track movement in.

A very basic example is a danger zone: a player can avoid touching a Collider and not set off any traps, but if a player enters a Trigger Zone, as long as they are inside its range, the traps will be going off or damaging their health.

  • Enabled - is the Trigger Zone trying to detect players or other objects?

  • Trigger on every instance - does it activate a link every time the zone is entered, or only once?

  • Size - dictates the range of the zone

    • Can be as long, thin, wide, tall, shallow as you need it to be

  • Position - dictates where the zone lies in relation to the entity it is assigned

    • Some trigger zones can be directly centred around an object

    • Others can be way away from the object it's attached to

  • Rotation - dictates the angle at which the zone lies

  • Detect players - does the zone activate when a player enters/exits it?

  • Detect voxels - does the zone activate when another entity enters/exits it?

Common uses

  • Safe/danger zones - in here, you can't take damage (or take lots of damage)

  • Saving checkpoints - once a player has entered this area, it can be saved as a new checkpoint for respawning with a Spawn Point attached

  • Event activators - once a player has entered, it triggers a link for something new to happen

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