a.k.a creating an Interaction with a Player Component
Just like entity components, we can add special components to players and the game as well. To track points a player can earn, we need to assign a Player Component. Head to Linking again, and you will see three new icons appear. These are components for Players, the Game overall, and the Environment.
Select the ‘Player Components’ tab, press + to reveal more options on the right-hand side components menu, and select ‘Score.’
Place any entity and add the ‘Interact’ component to it. You can also change the text that appears when the player hovers over the item in-game, so for collectibles it’s best just to put ‘Collect.’
Now create a link from the collectible; select ‘Interacted’ and link to the players icon. Complete the link with ‘Gain Score,’ filtering so only the player that interacted gets points.
Tip: By default, points go up by 100 whenever you collect something, so make sure your final score is large enough to accommodate this!
To finish it out, select ‘Yes’ for ‘Win by reaching.’ Now it’s a race to see who can collect the most first!