🧚‍♀️Force Zone

is an Entity Component

Force Zones are a bit of a tricky one to get right, and require a fair amount of trial, error, and playtesting. Thankfully, they're a component you can test within create mode.

They're essentially the levitation pads of Mutate, and can act to either float you gently above the ground or absolutely launch you into space. They're useful for creating obstacles like giant fans that propel you over gaps on a roof, or climbing ladders you can't automatically interact with.

Similar to a Trigger Zone, once the player enters a Force Zone, the game reacts to their presence accordingly.

  • Enabled - is the force zone activated or not?

  • Size - dictates the span of the zone

    • Where the zone ends is where you will finish being pushed, so make sure it's high or wide enough to get you where you need to do

  • Position - dictates where the zone lies in relation to the object itself

  • Rotation - dictates the rotation of the zone in the world

  • Force rotation - dictates the direction(s) the force will push you upon entering the zone

  • Force intensity - the strength with which the force pushes you

    • 1 is fairly gentle, whereas 2 is stronger; 3 is extremely heavily, etc.

Common uses

  • Jumping impossible gaps

  • Vents and fans, propelling you into the air

  • Gentle levitation pads

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