is an Entity Component

Sounds are used to bring life to interactions and events in the game. When you pull a lever, for instance, instead of just having it move in silence, we can now have an appropriate sound effect to go along with it. Sounds can also be used to create ambience with looping and unlimited range.

  • Sound - opens a mini-menu to preview and select from our range of sound effects

  • Volume - dictates how loud the sound is when played

  • Random pitch - creates variety whenever the sound is played

  • Auto-start - does the sound begin from the start of the game?

  • Loop - does the sound play continuously?

    • Best used with auto-start to create ambience, like sea waves or fire crackling

  • Range - dictates how far away a player can be from the sound and still hear it, measured in meters

  • Unlimited range - dictates whether or not players can hear the sound wherever they are on the map, recommended for creating ambience

Common Uses

  • Ambience

  • Immersive sound effects

  • Creating depth and character in a level

  • Interactions - when I pet a rabbit, it will squeak!

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