🗺️Basic Navigation in Mutate

All the keys, shortcuts, and navigation tools you need to know to get the most out of Mutate! Let's go :)

Create Mode

WASD — move the camera in set directions — forward/left/back/right

Space — move the camera directly upwards

Left click — select and manipulate items, modes and components

Right click — hold down to look around and move the camera in any direction

CTRL — hold down while selecting objects to group them together for a function; e.g. selecting several objects to move them all to the left

Can also be used to select objects that have been locked

For some objects, like landmasses, walls and floors, it can be a good idea to lock in place to avoid accidentally moving

Multiple objects can only be selected in Transform mode (T). If you are having trouble selecting multiple objects check you are not in Grab (G) or Linking (V) mode!

Alt — hold down and click-drag objects to perfectly duplicate them, including all their components and linking!

E — Toggle free-fly camera and player avatar, useful for testing how things look to a player without entering playtest mode

Z — zooms you immediately into the selected object

Shift — hold to fly faster through the worldspace

Delete — deletes the selected object(s)

Escape — deselects everything

Create Mode Hotkeys

B — Asset Browser — used to search for and import assets into the game

G — Grab mode — select and move items without axis pop-ups

T — Transform — more detailed manipulation of objects. Hotkeys for Transform mode are:

  • 1 — Move

  • 2 — Rotate

  • 3 — Scale

  • 4 — Global axis

  • 5 — Local axis

V — Linking — create logic and mechanics for objects with components attached, as well as changing the look of the environment and game parameters — like adding guns to create a shooter level, and player score for collection maps. Hotkeys for Linking mode are:

  • 1 — Player — set health, movement speed, respawn rate, camera placement

  • 2 — Mechanics — set teams, scoreboard limits, when to start/end games

  • 3 — Environment — alter the sky, water, weather and ambience

Play Mode

WASD — move in a specific direction

Mouse/touchpad — move camera anywhere

Enter — open text chat/send message

Space — jump

Shift — hold to sprint

Ctrl — hold to crouch

Left click — shoot (if you have a gun)

F — interact with object

Escape — Pause/unpause game and camera movement for you only

F1 to F10 — emotes

F11 — Maximizes full screen, removing window and task bars from the screen; great for that immersive experience!

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