🧠Creating game logic in Mutate

Howdy-do! 👋

In this tutorial mini-series, we’ll go through how to create basic game logic in Mutate — also known as mechanics — which will give you everything you need to really start building something cool!

We'll create a basic treasure hunt level, where you have to collect a certain number of items first in order to win! We chose little cat statues, but you can theme your tutorial session however you'd like!

Treasure hunts are great for creating and playing alone and with friends, because any number of players can be involved. Any level of difficulty can be set - like hard to reach collectibles, or traps that respawn the player so they lose a headstart - which makes these levels as diverse and replayable as you want them to be!

If you'd like to follow along by building with our exact level, simply go to Create > Create Game and choose "Tutorial Template - Treasure Hunt" and a blank slate version of what you see here will be yours to control!

🏃 Now let's get on with it, shall we?

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