is an Entity Component

Broadcaster allows you to create text and messages that appears at the top of a player's screen, usually for mechanical purposes, like giving a hint to a puzzle or warning messages for players leaving a battle arena before they're respawned for chickening out.

Messages can be broadcast to just the player who activated them, everyone in the game, or everyone but the triggering player.

  • Message - what appears to the players. Can be as long or short as you'd like.

  • Include triggering player's name - does the player who activated the message have their name displayed before the main text or not?

    • E.g.: Player has been killed // Player ponders the orb // Player, do you know you're a legend? // etc.

Common Uses

  • Puzzle hints

  • Battle Royale announcements

  • Easter Eggs

  • Tutorials and rules

  • Storytelling! - as players reach checkpoints in a level, more information can be revealed

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