Scale is the tool that allows you to manipulate the size of objects in the world.

Transform manipulator —> Scale tool focused
Scale consists of three “pistons on rods” that indicate the xyz coordinate graph for 3D objects in the world, and angle brackets between each pair of rods. There is also a baseline cube located at objects set pivot point.

How to use

Select the entity you want to scale and pull the “rod” attached to the plane that correlates to the xyz-axis you want to scale the object in. You can make any object larger or smaller this way.
  • Pulling on a “rod” scales objects on one axis only.
  • Pulling the “angled brackets” scales objects along two axes.
  • Pulling the baseline cube scales objects bigger or smaller in all directions.
Tip: we recommend not scaling very large objects into very small ones, as the game can have difficulty rendering them when they become super compressed — this can lead to dropped framerates, which nobody wants!
Last modified 1yr ago