๐Ÿ‘€Item Visibility

a.k.a the basics of the Hider component

To make an item that can only be collected once, letโ€™s create another link.

Click on the collectible and add the โ€˜Hiderโ€™ component, and then go to Linking.

Add another link by pressing + and select โ€˜Interacted,โ€™ then link back onto the object itself by clicking a little box that will appear just above the + on the top right corner. Select โ€˜Hideโ€™ โ€” now, when you interact to collect the item, it will disappear.

Objects that have 'disappeared' will still have collision on them - meaning, you can still run into them and they will act as an invisible wall. To avoid this, you'll need to also assign the entity the Collision Toggler component, and create some more links.

Learn how to do that here.

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