is an Entity Component

Hider is one of the most used components, and pairs really well with Collider, Interact and Timer to create some awesome results. It dictates whether or not an entity is visible to the player. That's it!

  • Visible - is the object visible or not?

Hidden objects (or objects that have "No" selected) will still be visible during create mode, so you never lose where you put them. They'll disappear as soon as you enter play mode.

Common uses

  • Treasure hunts and collectibles - once a collectible is interacted with, it disappears, so nobody else can get it!

  • Puzzles - think of the Squid Game glass, and you'll get an idea ;)

  • Invisible walls - keep players in a certain area by building high walls and hiding them

    • The collision stays on unless the Toggler is applied, so you've just built an arena to avoid sneaky players finding exploits and cheats!

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