is an Entity Component

Interact is another highly useful and diverse component, and perhaps the most self-explanatory. Like Collider, it can be used to make any number of things happen by having players interact with an object.

To interact with an object in play mode, hover over the interactable and press F. Text will appear over it to indicate what kind of interaction you can fulfil.

  • Text - what appears as the command when players hover over the object. Can be whatever you want, according to what the desired outcome will be.

    • E.g. for a lever that links to an exploding door, you can put 'Pull lever' or 'Detonate' or 'Boom!' or just leave it as 'Interact' to keep some mystery...

  • Highlight voxels - choose whether or not the interactable object will turn a different colour when the player hovers over it, to show you can interact with it

  • Enable interactions - dictates whether or not an object can be interacted with from the start of the game, or if it requires an event to unlock interactions first.

    • The equivalent of "Auto-start" for Mover or Rotator.

Common uses

  • Event trigger - I pull a lever, a door opens; I pet a cat, it meows; I pick up an object, it disappears, etc.

  • An 'everyone's ready' - begin the events of a game after everyone has loaded in to a loading zone, by pulling a lever to respawn everyone into the actual game-world

  • Almost anything ;)

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