is an Entity Component

Mover is one of the most commonly used entity components, and can be made to do all kinds of things. It allows an object to move in a straight line, in any direction on any axis, and at any speed.

The distance, speed and direction of a Mover object can be tested at any time during create mode by pressing the play button on the top right of the object's component menu ▶️

  • End position - dictates where you want your object to end its journey.

    • Measured by meters.

      • Hover over the x/y/z axis letters to reveal arrows to set distance and direction, or simply type directly numbers into the value box.

      • Depending on the placement and rotation of the object, this can take some trial and error, but once you know which way you're pointed, it's easy!

      • By default, the X axis value is set to 1.

  • Speed - dictates how fast or slow the object will move.

    • Measured by meters per second

    • i.e. an object with a 10m end position will take 10 seconds to reach it at speed 1, and only 5 seconds at speed 2.

  • Auto-start - dictates whether or not the object begins its journey from the start of the game.

    • "Yes" means the object will automatically be moving.

    • "No" means the object requires a linking event to trigger its movement.

  • Yo-yo - dictates where or not the object will move back and forth between its start and end position.

    • "Yes" means the object will automatically travel back and forth once its journey is complete in either direction.

    • "No" means the object will only travel once in one direction, and stop at its end position, unless told otherwise by a linking event.

  • Start position (%) - dictates at what point in the object's journey it begins moving.

    • 0% means it will move exactly from its current position in the world to its end position

    • 50% means its current position in the world is now half-way between where the set journey starts and ends.

Common uses

  • Bridges and platforms (seen above)

  • Push traps - spikes coming out of the ground, battering rams, etc.

  • Secret doors/moving walls - push a button, and the wall descends into the ground!

  • Decoration and ambience - cars, animals, rain, etc.

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