Move is the default tool when Transform is selected. It is used for more precise placement of objects in the worldspace.

Move consists of three arrows which indicate the xyz coordinate graph for 3D objects in the world, and a baseline sphere located at the object's set pivot point —also known as the exact centre of the object.

How to use

To move an object in a certain direction, drag any axis arrow and adjust until perfect by switching between Global and Local modes if you’d like.
  • Global axis arrows move the object according to the whole level’s axis.
  • Local arrows move according to the rotation and placement of the object itself.
  • Shortcut to Global by pressing 4, and Local with 5.
To activate free movement click and pull on the baseline sphere — the white circle in the middle of all the arrows.
Tip: here, the platform is slightly rotated, so you can tell the Local axis is the one that has arrows parallel to its edges! We recommend learning with square/straight-edged objects like walls, floors and cubes while getting used to the difference between Global and Local!