📒Asset Browser

The core of your game will be created from assets found in the asset browser.

Combining and arranging assets together will help you create both unique and stunning scenery and challenging levels for your game.


Access the asset browser in the top left corner of the toolbox - or by pressing B for a shortcut.

How to use

Search and browse through assets in the asset browser. You can either scroll through manually with the mouse wheel, or type in the search bar. Most assets will have easily searchable names, like 'wall' or 'stone' or 'sofa,' so there's plenty of ways to speed up searching.

When you find the asset you look for, simply click and drag it into the scene. You can also just click the asset and it will add, but it's easier to drag so you can determine where it appears onscreen.

Type in keywords to look for specific asset collections, like #castlemania for all the cool medieval assets, or #furniture for household objects, etc. Just don't forget to use # before typing in a word to filter assets using tags.

To save on searching for the same assets, or duplicating ones already in the worldspace, go to the dropdown on the top left of the asset browser, just below the search bar, and select 'Used.' The browser will now only show assets you have already used!

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